For as long as she can remember, Sarendipity Candles founder Sarah Kulbatski has always been nuts about candles. You would have always found one or two burning in every room of her house. They have always been the antidote to her anxiety, helping her process her thoughts and give her a cozy and comfy feeling to boot. Sarah’s candle obsession eventually got her thinking about what makes candles smell good- why do they stimulate our senses and relax us so much? Through her research, she started to see that most mass-produced candles only seem good for us. After all, if a candle is emitting black smoke, it’s probably harming our health and the environment more than it’s actually relaxing us. 

Sarah’s discovery of terpenes was what truly inspired her to start her own line of sustainable and naturally scented candles. After researching all of the harmful synthetic compounds used to fragrance most mass-produced candles, she knew that there had to be a different way. Terpenes were all around us- from our citrusy cleaning products to our nightly glass of wine- so why can’t they be in the candles we burn? 

Cue Sarendipity candles. Sarah (nicknamed “Sar” for many years), was always a believer in serendipity. Therefore the name “Sarendipity” came naturally. What also came naturally were the various terpenes- scent compounds from Mother Nature herself- infused into her candles. Hand poured with love in small batches, each candle has a scent profile that provides clean and calming aromatherapy. No psychoactive properties or harmful chemicals here- just pure, indulgent relaxation. Sarah’s love of clean, sustainable products (and witty, sarcastic phrases), is evident in the way each candle is packaged and produced- so you can love yourself while also loving the planet. Enjoy!